Gateway Tag for Quanrantine

I am trying to figure out a way to find out when there are items in quarantine without having to check the gateway through its webpage. If there were a QuarantinedRows tag under “[System]Gateway/Database/database”, that would be really simple to alarm on, and would probably be useful for other purposes.

Now that I think about it, this would be handy to have for the number of rows pending in a database connection’s local cache as well. Any chance of seeing these in a future release?


Have you tried these (screenshot from Ignition Designer v7.7)?

Ah ha! I hadn’t noticed that one.

That looks like just the thing for the Quarantined rows. But when you use the getCachedRowCount([datasource]), it reports the number of rows in that datasource’s Memory Buffer. That’s interesting, but not critical. I am much more interested in knowing when the datasource’s Local Cache has started to get anywhere near its maximum, as that will tell me when we’re in danger of losing data.

Is there another function hiding somewhere that shows the number of rows in the Local Cache, not the Memory Buffer?

If that’s the case, it seems getCachedRowCount may have been misnamed or misdirected. Including memory buffer row count, it would seem there should be three functions, probably in roughly this order of importance:
1 - getQuarantinedRowCount
2 - getCachedRowCount
3 - getMemoryBufferRowCount
[attachment=0]Message 2014.05.01 114059.bmp.jpg[/attachment]
To make it really clear what’s what, those three functions above could be named something like:
1 - getLocalCacheQuarantinedCount
2 - getLocalCachePendingCount
3 - getMemoryBufferPendingCount
Functions to get maximum row counts for each of those would be handy too.