Gateway tag status diagnostics

I’ve just upgraded our site server to 7.9.2. A painless and very fast exercise i must say!
So far i’m loving the upgrade in terms of the diagnostics now available on the Gateway.
However there are a few very irritating things i’ve found that i think need to be addressed.

In the Tag Status section, you can look at three tabs. “Tags”, “Scan Classes” and “Provider Logs”.

  1. Why can we not click on a Scan Class and get a list of all the tags that are in that scan class??
    I’m trying to optimize my OPC connection to improve comms, but it’s nigh impossible to figure out which tags belong where.

  2. The “Scan Classes” tab data isn’t even updating properly when choosing different sort options.

  3. It would be good to have a Scan Class column in the “Tags” tab view to sort by.

  4. Also the filter for tags searching seems to get reset every time you navigate back and forward between a tags details view and the tags list. Which is very annoying to try get anything done.

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I agree with everything in this post. And to add another point of frustration…

I was just trying to clean up some scan classes. I used this window and saw a blank under “Tags” and thought a scan class didn’t include any tags. Turns out it did. There were data types with properties that used the scan class but apparently this window doesn’t pick up instances of that data type. Or maybe I’m missing something? In any event, pretty sure I posted about this before where the previous gateway was better when it came to stuff like this.

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