Gateway Tags Logging to Historian

Hi Guys,

I have set store history for various gateway tags for monitoring and alarming (such as cpu/memory utilization).

When I drag these tags into an Easy Chart, it appears as though nothing is being logged to the historian (everything says 0 when I can see the realtime values are none 0)…

Can we not log gateway tags to the historian?

Ignition 7.9.9

I tried it out and had the same issue…

Easy way out is to create a new expression tag on your default tag provider which refer to the gateway tag. Then configure historian on that expression tag.

Tried it and it works on my system :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe this is a bug that’s fixed in 7.9.10 or .11.

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Probably 7.9.11… my system is 7.9.10 and has same behavior

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Thanks guys, I will be upgrading our servers to V8 sometime in the next few weeks so will wait until then!