Gateway thread deadlock detected

Just encountered a deadlocked thread. I note there are already a couple of, ah, threads, on the topic, but they have reportedly all been fixed in a subsequent build so I guess my case is a new one?

Thread dump attached, currently running the 8.0.2 Nightly snapshot from 3rd MayIgnition-V1BIO-PT00001_thread_dump20190507-122034.txt (189.3 KB)

Thanks, this looks like the same deadlock. We found out yesterday it wasn’t actually fixed in any of the nighty or rc’s due to a build issue. It’s going to be fixed in the 8.0.1 final release.

Thanks. Will I be able to install the 8.0.1 final build over the top of the 8.0.2 nightly? Or will I be able to do an export/import?

Is there a release date for the 8.0.1 final yet, or still up in the air?

8.0.1 was released this afternoon. I don’t know about installing on top of the nightly, that’s a good question…