Gateway time, have different output

Why my script has different time to my gateway time, it should be the same right? any reasons why this happening?


Where are you running the script? What difference are you seeing?

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hi sir, im running it on the script console this is my gateway time

and this is from script console
Wed Apr 03 13:23:54 CDT 2024

It's going to return whatever time it is on the computer running the Designer, regardless of where the Gateway is or what time it is on the Gateway.

hmm thats odd, because im also working on another project and its showing 1 hr behind for the function, running on same computer btw

That could be the timezone settings of the project.

yeah i did that already, tried to change the timezone behavior to gateway timezone, still not changing, am I missing something other settings?

You'll need to re-open the project.

EDIT: The locales and timezones are only read once at the start.

hmm i tried this already, and its still not working :upside_down_face: