Gateway Timer doesn't work after update to 8.1.0


Today after I update to 8.1.0 I notice none of gateway Timer work at all.
I try to play with them and find out I change timer setting to either Fixed Rate or Dedicated it start to work normally.
In the gateway status page there is no error in the log and in the gateway script section it show that last execution to Never.
I also try to create new timer but the bug exist.

To make them working I have to check either Fixed Rate or Dedicated option.

Each of the 4 combinations of “delay type” and “threading” options are working for me in Gateway timer scripts. Can you post one of your scripts that isn’t working?

I test some simple script that only get alarm number.
What I mange to do is to restore gateway and it seems it finally work as before.
I will update post if I see this happening again