Gateway Timer Event Scripting

Dear All,
Please anyone guide me for reading the tag instance name from tag browser using the gateway timer event script (every 1 second) and has to run the named query for inserting the collected tag instances name to the table.

please guide me if anybody have idea about this.

Thanks in Advance

A tag browser in a Vision client? A gateway script will not have any access to the components of a client. Perhaps you need a client timer event script? Or perhaps a timer component on the window that contains the tag browser component.

I have more than 1000 of tags under one Tag folder in Tag Browser, I want to update the Tag Names into the SQL table every 10 seconds. Now I am running the script inside the perspective view using timer trigger. But instead of that I want to run the same script in Gateway Scope.
Because If I running the script inside my perspective session, when no.of session will increase, every session will run the script every 10 seconds. Am I right ?. To avoid these kind of execution I want to run the same script in gateway scope. By this way I can run the script only once at a time, even If my No.of session Increased.

You are right :smiley:
Typical example where you want to run the operation in gateway scope
It will probably perform better also.

Thank you for your replies.
I have completed this with the use of System Functions in Gateway Timer event Script.