Gateway Timer Never Executing

Ignition Version: 8.1.31
OS: Linux, 4.15.0-200-generic

I have a situation where we have not been able to run any gateway timer scripts to execute.

This exact same script runs on the exact same project on other gateways with no issue.

To test further, I created a 3 line script that simply creates a log entry.
This also seems to never run as the log never shows the entry.

Has any one else experienced this?
What further information is needed to troubleshoot this issue?



Are you defining this timer script in a leaf project or an inherited project? How are you determining it runs or doesn't run? Can you get a thread dump from the Gateway while it's supposed to be running and upload it here?

This project inherits from several other projects. Not sure what that would be defined as.

In my basic troubleshooting script, I am using logging to determine if it is running.
The real script that is not running modifies a database table, so I expect to see changes.
I should also mention that I can run this script manually from the script console and it works fine.

Do you need the entire Diagnostic bundle or one of the files inside it?

The whole thing would be fine, might be a clue in the logs.

I sent it to you in a DM

I also see in the Status-System-Gateway Script that Ignition thinks the script is disabled.

Strike that through, the gateway script does not even show up in the Status-System-Gateway Script screen. Very odd

If you set the logger "Scripting.TimerScriptManager" to TRACE level and then make an arbitrary change and save the project, there might be something useful in the logs after that.

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I turned on trace for Scripting.TimerScriptManager, but I see no entries for it.
I also enabled trace for Scripting.ScriptManager.Project, and it does show entries

Not sure what's going on. This project you're adding the timer to isn't inherited by any other projects, is it?

Thats correct. It is not inherited

Out of ideas, you'll have to call support and let them poke around :man_shrugging:

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One last idea: make sure the project isn't disabled!

Just double checked and it is enabled

I opened a support case

Just found the issue. The project is inheritable.