Gateway Timer Script settings

Doesn’t look like I can change the timer value for a script. Or can we?

I’d like to update a pace counter value based on a particular product-- it works okay, but but if the product changes, I’d like to be able to change the delay of the script to match.

Any way to do this, or am I just whistling The Marriage of Figaro? (I don’t whistle Dixie anymore-- too cliche…)

You could make the timer run every second and add a DBtag that gets incremented every time the script runs. That way you could check if it is >= another DBTag that stores the number of seconds between script executions. Something like:[code]#get the tag values
elapsedTime = system.tag.getTagValue(‘ElapsedTime’)
numCycles = system.tag.getTagValue(‘NumCycles’)

#write the new increased value to the elapsed time tag
system.tag.writeToTag(‘ElapsedTime’, elapsedTime+1)

#check if it has been long enough
if elapsedTime >= numCycles:
#run my script[/code]