Gateway Timer script stopped

I have a few gateway timer scripts that run every few seconds.
After around 10-15 minutes of running, some scripts stop executing.
When restarted they continue as usual until they freeze again.
The 2 scripts affected are the ‘writetoOPC’ and ‘multistate’ scripts
See attached image below.

Any error messages on the console related to the script execution?

There are no errors appearing. The status also stays as success the whole time.

Without seeing your code, I do not know what the problem might be.

I figured out the issue. When I changed the scripts to fixed rate the freeze stopped happening.

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@oisin.gribben - I am also facing the same issue in ignition version 8.0.15.

I have not tried with the option of “fixed rate” delay type. But, my concern is why the default settings provided (“Delay type - fixed delay” and “Threading - Shared”) are not working well. Because script execution rate is much higher than the duration time of actual execution and no error in script logs as well as script shows success in gateway script status page.

If, anyone has more detail option please share and give your opinions.

Thanks in advance.

The original poster was on a version prior to 8. There have been many performance improvements and bug fixes since then. We would highly recommend upgrading to 8.1 if possible, and if you still experience issues consider contacting our support department: Support Home Page | Inductive Automation