Gateway Timer scripts

I have setup a Gateway Timer script to run a module script. It does not appear to do so. When I invoke the same script in the Script Playground, it works just fine.

Is there something I need to do besides setting the Delay, and checking Enabled to get a Timer script to run?

And on a similar note, if I make a change to the Module script, should it reread the script the next time the timer comes around? Or is there something I need to do to refresh it?

posting your script wil help us evaluate the issue.

I’m actually about to get online with Derek at Ignition, so I’ll see what he thinks and post the solution if there is one. Otherwise I’ll post the code.

Hi Dan,

If you make a change to a module script and press the OK or Apply button and then save the project then the gateway script will be updated with the module script change.

What makes you think that the gateway timer script isn’t running? Try adding some log messages and then check the Gateway Console logs for output. Here’s an example of adding some log messages:

import system
log = system.util.logger("Gateway Script Logger")"hello")

Thanks for the responses. I’m used to working in screens in the designer, and completely overlooked that the gateway script had to be saved and published before the changes would come through.