Gateway timezone doesn't match OS

Using v8.0.10, the server is set for eastern time, the time in the OS is correct. The system timezone in Ignition is central time. Besides restarting the gateway, how can I update or sync this?

I had a chance to reboot the server, the timezone is now correct and matches the OS, but the time is still wrong. The OS time is correct, the current date time in Ignition is an hour behind. How can I fix this?

When i see this it is usually because i am in a different timezone than the server. Ignition corrects for the difference.

I’m in the same timezone. I restarted the server and then each client and it corrected. Not something I wanted to do, but at least it’s fixed. Hopefully I don’t see that again.

Ahh, the clients might have had the timezone cached from when they were first started (dont know for sure buts thats my guess). glad to hear its good to go.

Yeah, I ran into something like this a while back and went through the same steps:

I’m not certain whether restarting the gateway was necessary or not. Restarting the clients and designers (if you want them to show the right gateway time) is.