Gateway vs project scope puzzle

hi all
Thanks for your great help so far but here comes another struggle on my road to the Ignition excellence :grinning:
I use version 8 and was told to move gateway events to the project scope. I did re-watch ignition university videos about this subject but the videos were based on the version 7.9 which has clear section to distinguish gateway and project scope.

Could you please advise me how to move gateway events to the project scope in version 8? There is startup event, tag change triggered event and timer event.


Use File → Export, check the gateway events in the inheritable project, then click the Send to Project button to put them into the child project.

EDIT: Are we talking about events stored in an inheritable project?

hi Jordan thanks for reply but i have standalone project. In version 7.9 there was clear difference between project scope and gateway scope which i cannot see in the version 8


What difference? do you have an example

on project browser tree structure in version 7.9 there was clear split what is gateway what is project scope. You can see the video from the inductive university as well which explains it well

Client (Project) Event scripts are now under Vision
Screen Capture_select-area_20210818082124

The only time you should have to do this (assuming the scripts work like they should) is if the scripts are in an inheritable project (one may be called ‘global’, especially if you upgrade to 8). Any project that inherits it also inherits the gateway scripts and runs them.

thanks for clearly pointing out that client events are under vision - i must have been blind :slight_smile: it all makes sense now. Scripts moved to the client scope and need to check if everything is still ok.

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Something doesn’t make sense. Gateway events in v7.9 almost certainly need to stay gateway events in v8.x. I think you are confused about scopes. Projects scopes in v7.9, both gateway and client, translate to the exact same scopes in v8.x. Gateway global scope in v7.9 doesn’t exist any more. On upgrade or restore-upgrade, the v7.9 gateway global scope and any shared scripts will be converted into an inheritable project, and all other projects will be set to inherit from it. And that project will be set as the “global scripting project”, for tag events to use.

You should also read the upgrade guide:

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hi Phil
I appreciate greatly your input. My comment about moving gateway events is based on the fact that the project i have inherited is badly structured and there was no reason for gateway events scope to be used at all. The scope can be limited in the case of my project to the project/client scope.


Gateway and Client Events are both project resources, it’s their execution location that’s different.

This is the confusion. Project scope is both gateway and client, separately.