Gateway webpage, Launch Designer

It is possible to put every gateway page under password, but one thing is still unprotected: Launch Designer button. It means that everybody who knows my server IP can freely download my project.
Is there some way to prevent it?

Thank you.

Under Gateway Settings → Configure, set a role that only you are a part of in the “Designer Role(s)” section:

Then only you will be able to log into the designer and open a project.

That’s true, to log into designer you have to insert credentials, but this is after you downloaded a project.
You can still download a project freely.

No… you can’t choose to download a project until after you log in. It will download the designer files and then ask you for log in information, but it won’t download a project until after you log in.

Or at least that’s how it works for me, but I have multiple projects on my gateway. Maybe if you only have one project it downloads it right away? You could create another dummy project and test that theory.

Starting the Designer does not really download the project data at any point - the data is stored in / pulled from Ignition’s internal database.

Here is what may help you address your security concerns:

The designer is password-protected. The Gateway’s Configure page, from which the Designer gets launched, is password-protected. Configuration / Gateway settings section on the Gateway’s configuration page allows you to assign roles for Gateway Configuration and the Designer itself, among others. Protecting those pages would prevent an unauthorized user from gaining access to your project via downloading a .proj and opening it in another system’s Designer which they may have access to.

And, of course, roles can be used to grand access to the project, specific pages / windows of the project and components of the window on the client side.

Thank you for explaining that to me.