Gateway with many mobile clients (hardware reqs, feedback)

I am evaluating an application in which we would have in the same server, a database engine (mssql or mysql), communication with less than 500 tags (siemens, without historicizing, not permanent), and would, at most, 14 mobile clients and 5 clients standard running concurrently.

The mobile aplicaición not be very heavy. Few screens, little functionality and in the beginning, only with the database.

I will appreciate some feedback on experiences in similar settings and recommended hardware.

It’s the amount of mobile clients running concurrently determine a impossibility for use mobile module?


I dont have any experience with this type of setup, but the mobile module launches the client on the gateway server, so make sure your machine would be equipped hardware wise to have that many clients running.

Yes. I’m aware of that. That’s why I’m asking to see if I’ll be pioneering or not on that amount of mobile clients.

I would think the main variable to consider would be the RAM (>= 8Gb?)

The amount of memory would be the variable to keep in mind. By default each mobile client is configured to use 256 MB of memory, so 256 MB X 14 clients = 3.5 GB of memory. Also, keep in mind that you may need to adjust the amount of memory used by mobile clients depending on project size and complexity. Then, take into account if you are using 32 bit or 64 bit Ignition. 64 bit Ignition will use 2 GB of memory by default and can be configured to use more. SQL server will also need a chunk of memory as well if it resides on the same machine.

Based on your >=8 GB, I would say that 8 GB could get you where you want to go, but its going to eat up almost all 8 GB. 16 GB would get you where you need to go and give you room for growth. 32 GB would be the next up. Considering how cheap memory has become, and most DDR3 motherboards support 32 GB of memory, I would go with the 32 GB. Its still up to your budget, but 16 GB would be more than enough as well.