Gateway won’t auto start on a Mac Pro?

So… I am building an Ignition server for a local non-profit to track donations, inventory, POS and such. It is fully licensed. It is running on a Mac Pro, and I am a PC guy. The issue is that the gateway will not start after a reboot and I have been unable to find a Gateway Control Utility for a Mac, the only way I can start it is to reinstall Ignition after each reboot. What the hell am I missing?!?

For anyone interested, I found a work around by simply writing a start up script to run the command “/usr/local/Ignition/ start” from the terminal…

If you have installed Ignition in the default directory, then you should be able to launch the Gateway Control Utility by doing the following:


There is a known issue where is a Java JRE is installed (not the JDK), the Utility UI won’t launch and you will get an error message like:
To use the "java" command-line tool you need to install a JDK.

There are two ways you can resolve this:

  1. Install a Java JDK if you are so inclined
  2. Open the file and add the following line to the top:
    export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home"