GateWay Won't Launch

I am finding that if I have Hamachi2 powered on that launching the gateway opens the DOS window for a few seconds then closes it again. The gateway never comes up. I power Hamachi2 down and everything is fine.

A complication (?) might be that I am running Oracles Virtual Box. I was hoping to link to a remote device through Hamachi2.

Anyone with ideas of what I might be doing wrong - or if this is possible?


What’s your wrapper.log file look like after an unsuccessful startup?

Arrggh! Now it starts everytime. Never started before. I did upgrade Virtual Box this morning to 4.1.4. Was on 4.1.0. Maybe the issue was there.

Thanks for listening and replying.

Well today we are back to it won’t launch. The Wrapper.log file has yesterdays date. So I don’t think that it creates a wrapper log. Does this tell you anything?

I updated Virtual Box Extensions today. Forgot to do that yesterday. Ran all day yesterday with no issues.

Give support a call and let them take a look.