Gateway.xml documentation and recommendations


I'm looking for more info regarding the gateway.xml options in ignition 7.9. Mainly, those surrounding catapult

  • acceptCount
  • maxThreads
  • maxKeepAliveRequests
  • keepAliveTimeout
  • connectionTimeout

I can't find anything in the 7 documentation. The 8 documentation here only has reference to maxThreads, but its listed under gateway not catapult.

I think the latter 3 aren't used any more, but acceptCount and maxThreads are parameters passed to the underlying web server that control how many connections the server socket can have queued up waiting and how many threads it uses to serve requests.

Good to know. Is that just gateway webpage like threads, or could it impact client communications with the webserver etc.

What might happen if the acceptCount is exceeded? Would it ever be recommended to increase these values?

It includes Vision Client and Designer comms, which also use HTTP(S).

If accept count was exceeded whatever was on the other side would see their connection attempt fail.

Generally, you should not need to increase these values unless you're using hundreds of concurrent clients/designers. You'll probably end up on a support call about your system scaling before you should touch these.

Thanks Kevin. We are operating at a pretty large scale and may schedule a support call to discuss.

We had one gateway that was struggling to reboot in reasonable time, when we modified the maxThreads value higher (roughly 2x) we saw the reboot time drop dramatically and the system seems to run better. The gateway in question has a large number of projects, and dozens of designers open usually, so that might explain why it helped.

If you take some thread dumps you should see up to as many HTTP/webserver threads as you have configured, and if those threads are constantly in a busy state serving some request rather than just waiting you may very well benefit from more.

Thanks. We will check that out.