GatewayException: Read timed out - user login

We have a user trying to login to the project in the Ignition Gateway Client. We also given access to that user. He gets an error Message Error during login and the Details:
GatewayException: read timed out caused by SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out.

We have same project setup to our other region and for that other region project user is able to login successfully.
I have programmatically increase the Read timed out from 300000 to 6000000 but user is getting the same error exception after 1 min only.
Kindly help me to resolve this issue. I am attaching the error screen shot here.

Hey Guys,

Any comments on my query ??

There is a project timeout that you will have to increase as well. Under project => properties.

thank you for your reply…
I have increased it as well, but still that specific user getting the same error.

This error can be a lot of things. I have gotten this before for scripts or functions that are locking up and causing errors. Can you provide some more details of the project, what you are running when this occurs?

If it is happening at login, have you tried verifying the user through the verify page in the gateway? Are there any corresponding errors in the gateway logs?