Gatway Logs : Batch Operation : Error Saving node configuration

Hello There,

We recently updated from Ignition 7.9.5 to 8.0.17. (Its been about 2 weeks). We are seeing gateway is flooded with the Batch Operation error. I saw a similar post and restarted the gateway but it didn’t help. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Two weeks ago? What possessed you to pick a version that’s been unsupported for many months?

We are trying to standardize all the instances we have before updating to latest one.

Oy! You could save a bunch of work by standardizing on the latest version. Latest supported version. /:


Hmm, yes, that should be the case but some of the gateways are still under 8 and it takes a while to get them all in. When I started doing the changes, the latest supported was 8.0.17, LOL.

I am running 8.1.13 and still seeing this issue. Any thoughts or suggestions what might be causing this? It does not seem to give much info on what the underlying problem actually is.

I understand 8.1.14 is released now, but do not see anything in release notes that would point to fixing this issue.