GATWEWAY: ERROR: Sytem Error 5 has occoured. Acces is Denied


I am encountering this new error,
when I open the Gateway and try to start the gateway,
[color=#FF0040]GATWEWAY: ERROR: Sytem Error 5 has occoured. Acces is Denied[/color]
But actually the Gateway is funning

Please check
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“System Error 5” is a windows error, see this knowledge base article

Can you start the Ignition Gateway from the Windows Services panel?


I can start the service is running

and I work normally

except that the Gateway Control Utility wouldn’t show any thing…but Trying to establish the connection

Sounds to me like you’ve got some permissions issues that are preventing the GCU from working correctly. This likely has to do with the fact that you are running Vista. Try running the GCU under an administrator account. You don’t have to use the GCU at all, however, it is just a convenience.

Yes, running under vista, under administrative account…
its ok…

The same happened in Win7 after an update. Running it as Administrator did the trick!