Gauge component from 7.3 webinar

As promised during the 7.3 release webinar, here is an exported custom palette that has the Gauge component that I showed.

I’ll be recording a screencast of myself creating a similar gauge and put it up on YouTube so you can all see the various “tricks” used to create a component like this.
gauge_palette.vpal (11.4 KB)

Thanks for posting, Carl.

I downloaded the .wmv and watched it.

You guys should have said who you were in the picture.


Any update on the screencast, cheers.

You can watch the video here:

Hi Travis,

I have seen that one.

I meant the one that they mention in it were one could see how a Custom pallete component is being made. i.e.
how to make the Gauge component.

Sorry if this is a stupid question to ask.


Ah right, we haven’t made that one yet. Hopefully soon.