GCU application not starting!


While developing my module, the GCU is stuck, showing “gateway is starting” and hour glass on the GCU window! Looks like GCU is waiting for some thing and I am unable to re-build my module in Eclipse as the build fails due to server 503 error (service not available)! Looks like its a chicken/egg dead lock situation. How to get out of the situation of impasse! Do I have to install my ignition trial version 7.6.4 again and start over my module development and integration again?

Please let me know how do i come out of it and get restarted?


Look at the wrapper.log file, or upload it here, and maybe we can see where the gateway is getting stuck on startup.

If you think it’s your module causing it you can remove it from the user-lib/modules folder and restart the gateway.

Yes my module was causing it. Thanks for the tip.