GCU Status error

Hi ,Server hardware :memory: 32G , Ignition v7.9.9, Java: 8u181 x64 , The GCU status error frequent , display red x , port and ssl port is ok . This Server also has installed SQL Server 2012。
I have changge the maxmemory = 12288 , initmemory = 8192, default +UseG1GC .
So, why is there such a mistake, and where is the problem set?

Are you saying you’re getting status of Web server and/or Gateway stopped like this?
If so, I’d check the logs. I’ve seen this happen on a unit where SQL server would hog too much memory, choking the gateway. You’d have to confirm your memory usage to see if it’s an issue.

Thanks! How to determine if SQL SERVER is consuming memory?How to set up is reasonable?