Ge 9030

I am trying to connect a GE9030 plc to Ignition version 7.6.2. I am using a Modbus TCP driver and the device is just changing from connecting to disconnected and back. I am able to ping the plc from the server and left all the default settings the same except for the IP address.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Are there any errors in the console? Usually if you can’t get to the connected state it’s just that the device is denying the connection attempt for whatever reason. Does this 9030 definitely support modbus? Is it enabled? Are those even valid questions?

I see no errors related to this in the console. I see through other posts that people are connecting their 9030’s via modbus TCP and the 9030 manual says it does. I don’t see anywhere in the plc configuration to be enable/disable this function. And maybe they are valid or maybe not. I am an AB guy mostly and by no means and expert with GE.
Here is a link to the post of another person using modbus:

can you poll the plc using a modbus master software like modbus poll or modscan?

I have never done this before I am downloading modscan64 now and will try it out.

I am unable to connect with Modscan64.

In that case, whatever is wrong is likely going to have more to do with networking/PLC configuration than any settings you can tweak in Ignition. Is there some kind of software or connection status you can access the 9030 to see?

what model GE are you trying to communicate with? that may help a little. also, maybe post some of the GE addresses you are trying to poll. If I remember correctly on certain datatypes are available via modbus. anything else you would have to move into an available datatype.

I don’t know what you are asking.

It is a GE IC693CPU364. I have even got to the point of trying to poll addresses. Just trying to make the Modbus TCP connection in the Ignition gateway.

Eh, I was just asking if there’s some kind of status page you can access like on Logix PLCs, or if there’s some programming software you can use to connect to it and view its configuration.

I’d start looking into whether it a) uses the default Modbus port of 502 and b) is even configured to accept Modbus connections right now.

if you can post the program and which software you are using, like proficy/versapro/cimplicity I can take a look for you.

We are using Proficy Machine Edition. I am able to go online with the PLC. Again I am mostly AB, but i don’t see anywhere to setup modbus comms. Thanks for all the help.
The attached file is actually a zip file. You can just change the .txt to a .zip.

What 9030 cpu are you using? Are you connecting directly to the processor via ethernet or through a CMM321 module?

Processor is an IC693CPU364 with a direct connection to processor.

You may want to check w/ your GE rep, I didn’t think the 364s supported Modbus TCP.

I know the newer CMM321s do.

yeah it looks like dravik is right. You could upgrade to the 374 or add in the cmm321 module. Or you could look at using something like a red lion datastation to do the conversion from ge ethernet to modbus or even ethernet/ip or OPC.

Thanks for jumping in Dravik and diat150 :thumb_left:

This is why the forum is awesome.

I just got offline with GEXPRO and they told me that I needed to upgrade to the 374. How about Kepserver?

Pretty sure Kepware has a GE driver suite that should work.

Thanks to all for the help.

Kevin you are right. I love how we can pull resources from all over and help each other.