Generate List of historical BatchID's

I want to be able to selected from a list of previously run batches and view a selected batch in the EBR Viewer.

Only issue is, I need to provide the exact BatchID used.

We currently use ISA88 tag name combined with Unix timestamp to create a unique batch ID.

Is there a way of generating a list on batchID's where I can filter by date and a string name pattern
ie STU_01_02_02* ?

Yes, the easiest way is to create an analysis setting like so:

You could use the analysis controller or the analysis script library to populate the desired list.

Okay I figured out how to create the same analysis settings used in the analysis selector component through scripting.

Here is the current settings , which returns data.

Here is the same analysis settings implemented in scripting.

I'm getting this error message.

What is equivalent datapoint name for "Procedure/Batch_ID" ?

For a quick conversion of your analysis settings to script, the MES Monitor component has a built-in feature:

Find your Named Analysis you executed and right click in the Metric Details section:

Pasting the copied script in the chat will give you an idea of how to formulate your script:

end =
begin =, -8)

analysis = system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSettings('analysis')
analysis.setFilterExpression("Equipment Path LIKE 'Enterprise\Site\Area\Process Cell*'")
# system.mes.analysis.executeAnalysis() returns an MES Analysis Results object
# For documentation, see:
results = system.mes.analysis.executeAnalysis(begin, end, analysis)

if results.hasMessage():
	count = results.getMessageCount()
	message_list = [str(results.getMessage(index)) for index in range(count)]

# getDataset() returns an Ignition Dataset
# For documentation, see:
dataset = results.getDataset()

sep = ",\t"
print sep.join(dataset.getColumnNames())
for row in range(dataset.getRowCount()):
	print sep.join(map(str, dataset.getRow(row)))

Thank you ,based on your example I changed the values from a list of strings to a Parameter string.

It now works but I'm confused why my originals code didn't work when the documentation specifically specifies a List of strings as the parameter type.

This is a java list string not which is not the same as a python list string.