Generate report for trends data

Hi Everyone,
i wanted to generate the report of trends of tag data which is logged into the mysql database and stored in “final1” table .when i select particular column from final table in reporting module using basic sql query and sql query.the report which is generated is blank.
can anyone help me with this ?

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You can easily tell if the problem is your report data or your report design by heading to the Preview tab and looking at the data in the right hand column. The XML there is what the report sees coming back from the data sources – if the XML is empty, the problem is your data.

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Hey Kathy,

I have the same issue for mine, and the XML is not empty, but my preview is blank.

Then the problem is in your report design.

I have a transaction group to generate the data, but in the XML there are only the names for each columns, and no numbers.:disappointed_relieved:

You still have this problem?