Generate table to database with PostgreSQL does not generate data

Hello everyone, I have this problem, I am working with PostgresSQL, it is supposed that through the tranciscion group I generate data and create a table within the database but I stop generating data at a certain point, by deleting and recreating the table within the database no longer performs any writes
I activate the trigger of the transition group
generate data
I use a button to generate the table
it is supposed to display data
any idea what to do?


To be clear, when does the transaction group stop working? I see two errors in your setup, which will prevent the group from working.

I activate the trigger to collect data
and after that I press the button to create the table in the DB,
The table is created but it is empty.

What are the problems you have detected?
thanks for comment!!!

Right there in your screenshot: "Error_Configuration" and an "Error_ExpressionEval..."