Gentoo Linux Ebuild for Ignition 7.6.1

Haven’t posted updates in a while. These latest ebuilds strip even more unnecessary files from the install. Including the wrapper. :slight_smile:

General instructions:

  1. Unpack into a local overlay folder, typically /usr/local/portage
  2. Add PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage" to your /etc/make.conf
  3. Obtain the linux system zip file and place in /usr/portage/distfiles (32bit or 64bit as appropriate)
  4. run “emerge ignition”
  5. run “/etc/init.d/ignition start”
  6. run “rc-update add ignition default”

I never did get around to making an RPM :frowning:
ignition-ebuild.tar.gz (5.39 KB)