Geo scada

I’d like Ignition to fully provide Google Maps Javascript API V3 or even Google Earth, including the possibility of dragging the maps as well as clicking on the markers to launch actions related to Ignition.
This is a common requirement for multi-site projects, in fact there are other SCADA solutions on the market which already provide this feature, e. g. … hWorX.aspx

I’ve developed a map module for ignition for a project with equipment geolocation needs.

This module is a mapViewer component which use Open Street maps (on-line map or off-line map)

Zoom capability, an interactive grid for the list of equipment,
Markers are animated with colors linked to ignition Tag for state and selection
Action on marker can trigger ignition script.

I’ve plan to suppress custom project element in my map module and to propose it on the market…

Hi mazeyrat,

¿When are you planning to launch the module? it’s just what I’m looking for.


[quote=“jose.granero”]Hi mazeyrat,

¿When are you planning to launch the module? it’s just what I’m looking for.

I’m interested too.
Please, give us a date.

I’m waiting for the registry on the market.
I’m trying to register as independant developper and i can’t provide E&O insurance.
If I pass this step, I would be able to launch a module 2 or 3 weeks later.

I posted Open Street Map Viewer module with doc for test purpose.

See : 3rd Party Add-ons - Modules forum section to download and test it.
Feedbacks are welcome.

First of all, thank you for developing such a desired module. :thumb_right:

With regard to the beta version, I’have the following comments:

-Event handling doesn’t work properly, e.g. swapping the window by clicking on a marker.
-Latitude and longitude values should allow more digits after the decimal point, this is especially important when the sites are very near each other.
-It should be provided the possibility of customizing the markers, allowing the selection of a user-defined icon and the addition of a text label identifying the site (name of the factory, town, equipment, etc), which would be visible when the mouse is on the marker.
-Since users are already familiarized with other well-known GIS applications, I would add the possibility of scrolling the map with the mouse right button instead of the left one, as these applications do.

Finally I’d like to know what the final price of the module is going to be.


Thanks for your tests.

Event handling is supported by the way of the properties “ListIdSelected”,“lastIdClicked” and “lastListIdClicked”
You need to add script on it and to reset these properties.
(For the case you select 2 time the same id…)

IdSelected has not a correct description, i will correct it.
You can enter in these property an marker id, and the map will be centered on it.

I see as well to add An Action/ActionPerformed event on the component to simplify event handling.

Lat and Long are Double type, you can use more than 1 digit.

customizing the markers, allowing the selection of a user-defined icon and the addition of a text label identifying the site => need some time

mouse right button instead of the left one for scrolling => yes, probably in the next version

Hi Mazeyrat,

With regard to the event handler, it doesn’t work, I don’t know why.

I’ve a simple script, as you can see below, linked to the mousse clicked event.

if event.source.lastIdClicked==3:
system.nav.swapTo(‘Alarming/Alarm History’)


You have to use a propertyChange script on the map component, is it OK ?

it works, thanks.

News features for v1.1.0 :

  • Add property ClickMode,SelectMode,MoveMaptMode to chose left or right mouse button (tested on windows)
  • Change cursor when move map
  • Add tooltips features on map markers

Download new version :

V1.1.1 is coming with a fix concerning map marker refreshing…

released at:


Could you consider the possibility of allowing the free selection of an image linked to each marker?

For example: factory icon, bulb icon, building icon, etc…

Hi Guys,

I can not set the default position for the map. I set “DisplayPositionLatitude” and “DisplayPositionLongitude” but when I start the project the map is not centered in that position. I might be missing something but I don’t know what it is. Could you help me please? Is there anything at the scripting level that I can do ?

thanks guys!

Hi Manuel,

Set property DisplayPositionCommand to 1 : One Shot Command to center Map according to DisplayPositionLatitude/DisplayPositionLongitude/DisplayPositionZoom.
The command is auto reset.

Set property DisplayToFitMapMarkers to 1 : One Shot Command to center Map to fit all maps markers
The command is auto reset.

For more instrutions, see module Documentation from the Gateway : “Configuration/modules”


Hi mazeyrat,

I tried to set those options but when I click on them in the check box (in order to set boolean to 1) they keep in uncheck status and I don’t know why. I’m using ignition 7.6.1
I would like to know if I can hardcode those option with and expression or in another way.

Let me know if I can do something to get debugging info.

Thanks in advance.

Yes these properties are commands.
There are reset by the components when the command is done.
You can use open windows script or button script to trigger it by setting the vulue to 1.

Hope this help.