Geolocation Permission Request

Is there a way to request geolocation permission from Perspective?

Like those Session Props?

Well, the one I’m talking about is above that. There is a property called permission and when I run a session that value is false.

On a Browser I think you won’t be able to grant a permission. While in Perspective App, you can enable location permissions for it.

Right, it works correctly from the Perspective App but when running it from a browser (on phone) it doesn’t prompt me to allow it to access my phone’s location.

A workaround for it to make an HTTP request to API based on IP-location. Maybe getting a token from google maps or try a free one.

It should work, however your standard settings of the browser and stuff also matter and it remembers your choice.

On the desktop you can see it here. On phones it will depend on your device i guess

When loading it on the desktop Chrome there was a popup asking for my location. Like this:

But it was for the IP address or something to the Perspective session. I clicked allow and then my GPS coordinates were populating in the session properties.

Now from a mobile Chrome standpoint, it has never asked me that. In the settings for Chrome on an Android phone, you can see what sites you allowed and blocked access to your location and none of them are my perspective application.