Get a list of all available schedules

Is it possible to get a list of all available schedules?

Using a AD/Database authentication, users are not manageable using the User Management Panel component. Instead, I’ve attempted designing a simple user management window but the user needs to be able to select a schedule from a list of all available.
Ultimately I’d like to be able to configure UPDATE as well as SELECT queries for AD/DB Hybrid authentication to allow the User Management Panel component to be used to modify user properties.

I second this request. I am using AD/Database security and I cannot find away to get a list of schedules that have been setup on the gateway. there is an admin component to create and modify schedules, but the user manager component does not allow the users to edited (which includes assigning a schedule to a user).

I need to build my own assign schedule to user interface, but without a way to get a list of schedules from the gateway a static list of schedules names would also have to be maintained. Or i could use a free form text box, but that would rely on the user typing in the schedule name exactly how it is stored in the gateway.

For any one else who wants this, you should vote it up at . We’re busy implementing some of the more popular ideas for Ignition 7.8 right now.