Get ACK in alarm pipeline

Hi for all!
Some situation:
using pipeline I sent the SMS to my Phone and then I made ACK from my Phone by sending a “code”.
I need to set the alarm tag value to “4” when/before it goes ACKed. How can I do this?

I’m guessing that you may be fighting a race condition, where you want the pipeline to ACK the message and set the tag’s value, but your pipeline is set to drop out on acknowledgement. So if you get the ACK, the pipeline (almost?) never quite makes it to the script block that sets the tag value, and you can’t put it before because you don’t know when it’ll get ACK’d! (Feel free to set the record straight on my assumptions!)

I was able to work around this because I manually check for the ACK in a script block, but I’ve got a sort of home-brewed SMS engine. So when I want to do something first, I just put it one line before the system.alarm.acknowledge line.

But if you’re using the module, I think it may be easiest to simply attach a separate pipeline to those alarms for acknowledgements (in the alarm configuration window, under the Notification, the Ack Pipline pulldown). It would just have a single script block setting the value of the tag via system.tag.write. Hopefully you can manage with a short delay before the tag gets set (maybe a few hundred milliseconds?).