Get Alarm UUID when active

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone help with getting the Alarm UUID when alarm gets active?

Background: I'm syncing a FTV alarm DB and Ignition and in order to do this, I have to trigger an acknowledgement in IG when FTV triggers one. I'm using the ALMD instruction to handle this handshake but once the ALMD gets acknowledged, I cant make IG do the same.

Hello Drew,

I may need more information to provide more specific recommendations, but you should have a couple options. You could use the tag change scripts to execute a script when an alarm goes active. This event has an alarmEvent object passed to it that contains the uuid (referenced with alarmEvent.getId()). You could also use system.alarm.queryStatus() to return a list of alarm events and then use system.alarm.acknowledge() to acknowledge those events. There's an example of this on the system.alarm.acknowledge() user manual page.

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We were trying to include duration of the alarm in the alarm database but we settled on including it in the associated section of the alarm. I though I needed to update the alarm data with the duration in the alarm active insert but the alarm makes another insert when it clears. So if I want duration, I just need to only look at the cleared versions of the alarm.

Thank you for the help! I hope the above makes sense.