Get and set scroll position of flex repeater with script?

I have a long flex repeater with items that open a new view when clicked. Before the new view is opened is there a way to capture the current scroll position, save it in tag or pass it into the new view as a parameter and then when the user presses a return button to go back to the original view the scroll position is set to the same spot by a script. Please let me know how this can be done or if there is a better way of achieving this functionality. Thanks.

Could you open up your secondary view as a popup? Then it would just happen on top of your original repeater and wouldn’t cause the original repeater to change at all.

There is no way to have Perspective scroll any element in any way. As @kgamble recommended, this might be a good spot for a Popup to be used, or possibly an Embedded View. There are several layouts that could conceivably work to prevent you from navigating to a different View, but if navigating to a different View is a requirement then your View which contains the Flex Repeater will be forced through the shutdown/startup lifecycle and will always start at the top of the Flex Repeater again.