Get binding of a component

Is it possible to get the current binding of say, the value attribute of a numeric label component? My thought is to replace the pointID custom property of the CTG custom components to just pull the tag path from the binding of the component.

I have screens with many components that are not driven by indirect tags, and want to CTG enable all of them without having to fill in the custom property for each of them.

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Unfortunately no. There is no way to make a call to get the binding value for a certain property. You’ll have to set each of the point id properties manually.

This would be a cool feature to add though.

That way you could use drag and drop bindings to properties and then extract the tag path for further use in scripting (i.e. showing a quick, script driven high speed trend)

Currently I usually have to create a custom string property containing the tag path, then use a mixture of indirect binding and scripting to obtain what I need.