Get data from database Table to Label in Popup Window using scripting, Parameterized Popup Window

I have Label and OK Button in pop up window .On main window I have drop down on property change I have written script. if selected value is present in data base I am trying to open pop up window and display its row value in Label.
I referred below link for this. But how to do with scripting. I am getting some warning.

sapordernumber = row["SAPOrderNum"]
param1 = "Line is in Progress for SAP Order Number" +sapordernumber
window = system.nav.openWindow('Raptor_Tables_New_Windows/Popup (1)', {'SAPOrderNumber' : param1, '' : ''})

Thank you

Why are you passing a second dictionary parameter of "" : "" (empty string to empty string)? That is likely where the warning is coming from.

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