Get Dock Details from within Perspective session

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the details of a dock in perspective.
I would like to determine if a dock is visible or hidden from a different view running in the same client perspective session.
As far as I can tell, running system.perspective.getSessionInfo() will only return active dock page ids for designer sessions.

Docks and Popups are separate from Pages insofar as properties are concerned. That is to say, Pages (and by extension Sessions) have no insight into the status of whether a Docked View or a Popup is open. This is the main reason you only see "open/close/toggle) functions and not something like popupIsOpen() or dockIsOpen().

If you could explain why you need to know if the dock is open, I might be able to provide a workaround.

I have a dock window that opens with the handle icon, and I need to know when the dock window is open to put an initial animation of a component inside the docked window

I am looking for the similar approach.. I need to refresh docked view content whenever its opened

i think i have to use a button component for toggle the docked and refresh

Using a button does not allow you to use ‘modal’ docked view