Get embedded login window details in Perspective

How to get this additionally opened window data in to script?
I scripted a button for an authentication and need to get the verified data in Perspective. I used 'system.perspective.authenticationChallenge'

when you login, the user name will come into the session.props

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The actual authenticationChallenge() function doesn't return anything but if you set up an Authentication Challenge Completed Event Script, one of the arguments that receives is a result argument containing things like the user data (if successfully authenticated).

You could try to set up a waiting thread and wait for the event to save the result to a session prop or something, but the simpler way to get the result you need is probably to split up your logic into several functions in a project library. The first part would do some set up, start the authentication challenge and that's it. Later, the auth challenge event script would call the second part itself.