Get full tag path

Hello, is there a way to get full tag path? Now it is possible to get Name.
If I have tag in folder Folder1/TagName, can I get full path of that?
I am trying to use template with numeric field and some event scripting inside, I need to use
system.tag.writeToTag(full tag path, value).
And I made “full tag path” as Custom Property for template. I would like to use it with simple tags binding all over the project.

I am not sure what you are asking. In order to bind a component to a tag you have to know the tag path ahead of time. You either bind it directly where the path is hard coded or indirectly where you derive the path. So when you setup your components or templates you should make them with a custom property for the tag path. Then you have that as a property to use throughout the project.

If you are designing your template around UDTs, you can get the path to the tag from the UDT Meta.TagPath, followed by /{your tag name}. You can use this in Indirect Tags or in scripts (i.e. 'tagpathname = event.source.parent.PID.Meta.TagPath + ‘/SP_Editable’ where SP_Editable is the tag I want to point to.

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Thank you.