Get Ignition connect to Siemens S7-1500 opc

Hi, we have been trying to get ignition to connect to a siemens S7-1500 cpu.

Under OPC-UA -> Devices we have created a new device, selected Siemens S7-1500 as type.
Entered the PLC’s IP and saved it.
Its status is connected.

Under OPC Connections -> Server:
We have tried to create a new OPC-UA, entering "opc.tcp://
Where port has been:
102: UaException: status=Bad_Timeout, message=timed out waiting for acknowledge
1025: UaException: status=Bad_Timeout, message=timed out waiting for acknowledge
4096: Connection refused: no further information: /
49320: Connection refused: no further information: /

As far i know, we cannot change nor set a port in the siemens plc for the opc part.

But since we have a device under OPC-UA -> Devices, that is connected, should we not be able to add tags to read and write its data?

Under Configuration -> Modules, we have OPC-UA, OpcCom, OpcCom Tunneler, Siemens Drivers.

When looking at Status -> OPC Connections the error log says:

[code] COM object method returns error code: 0x800706BA; The RPC server is unavailable.









Any idea or suggestion at all that can help us connect to the plc, to read and write opc tags?

Given that you’ve posted this problem multiple times on the forum and no-one seems to know why your setup isn’t working, I suggest you call in to support and screen-share with them to solve this. :question:


A few things:

  1. First figure out if you want to connect to the PLC directly from Ignition (via Ignition’s OPC-UA and its device drivers), or you are looking to get data from the PLC via an OPC-COM connection.
    If you are using Ignition’s Siemens driver, then you are connecting via Ignition’s OPC-UA server. The error from the OPC-Connectio/Servers page you posted comes from and OPC-COM connection and is unrelated.
    If you are trying to obtain data from a Siemens PLC via an OPC-COM connection, then you should be troubleshooting the OPC-COM server connection; the Siemens driver then is irrelevant.

  2. If You are trying to connect via Ignition’s OPC-UA using our Siemens driver, go over all the steps listed in the article zxcslo pointed you to.

  3. If want to work with a COM connection (unlikely), then work through the article here: … onnections