Get List Of Process Cell Objects Sepasoft MES

I'm trying to build a custom batch executioner interface and am struggling to find the scripting functions that returns a list of the process cell objects.

Does anyone know?
Below is the default perspective component that comes pre build in sepasoft.

Hello @liam1

You can search for any MES Object type via a filter object like so:

filter = system.mes.object.filter.createFilter()
objs = system.mes.searchMESObjects(filter)
print objs
for obj in objs:
	print obj.getName()
	print obj.getMESObject().getEquipmentPath()

Alternatively, if a dropdown is all that is needed, the MES Object Selector can populate a list of Process Cells:

Feel free to reach out to our Design Consultation team to take a look at your project requirements.

Thank you this is what I was looking for.

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