Get perspective client MAC address

I’d like to do some filtering base on perspective client MAC address. There is no info in session props. So is it possible to get client MAC address?

It might become possible in a Perspective Workstation session, but generally, no, you can’t get the information. Perspective sessions are all running on the gateway. You can’t get this kind of information in a browser or phone app.

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Has the MAC address become available yet like this post suggests? Since the page configuration tab available in the PC Workstation app does not exist in Android/iOS app I'm attempting to forward devices to a specific URL depending on a hardware identifier.

Not available (yet). If you need reliable hardware identifiers any time soon, use Vision.

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I was afraid this was the answer... Its so easy in Vision! We have 1 central server with many clients using Workstation, Android, iOS and web browsers so we're all in for Perspective.