Get Project Tag Count

Is there an easy way to count the total number of tags included in a project? I tried exporting to XML and opening in Excel, but due to the way tags are structured it makes it very difficult to read and interpret.

Tags don’t belong to a project, they are a global resource.

The main Status > Overview page on the Ignition Gateway will tell you how many tags you have.


Is there a similar metric for historical tags?

I don’t believe there is a metric page for all historized tags. That being said, scripting lets us utilize the system.tag.browse() function to recursively check each tag in a provider. This can be used to return a list of all tags in a provider that have History Enabled. This is a simple example script, slightly changed from the User Manual, that you can test in the Script Console. It is not a very efficient script, but should be a good starting point:

results = system.tag.browse("[default]", {"recursive":True}).results
#Browse all tags in the "default" provider and print the tag path if it has History enabled
for result in results:
		print str(result['fullPath'])+" has History Enabled."

Awesome! Thanks