Get rid of this tool tip

Anyone have a trick to get rid of the tool tip on the page navigation at the bottom of the 'Report Viewer' while keeping the navigation?

Here's a script that will do it for you:

# Only runs once during initialization from the report viewer's propertyChange event handler
# Note: This won't run in the designer 
# ...UNLESS the designer is already in preview mode when the window is opened
if event.propertyName == 'componentRunning':
	# Import the JButton class
	from javax.swing import JButton
	# Recursive function to find all of the JButtons
	def removeButtonTooltips(reportViewer):
		for component in reportViewer.getComponents():
			# When a JButton is found, remove the tooltiptext
			if isinstance(component, JButton):
				component.toolTipText = None
	# Call the recursive function and pass in the report viewer

It simply finds all of the JButtons within the report viewer component and removes the tooltiptext.

Edit: removed unneeded variable assignment, and changed the function name to make it more intuitive.