Get roster scripting function

Hi guys,
Just a quick question: does the function system.alarm.getRosters() gets the information directly from the gateway?

Best regards, Guilherme

Yes it does.

So, could this function create some gateway slowdown and/or high cpu/ram consumption if every client runs it 3 times every 5 seconds (in runscript expression function)? Obviously it depends on the Ignition’s machine specs, but I just want get a rough idea.
I’m just asking because the RAM and CPU consumption were running pretty high until I removed this function from the project. Also due to an unrelated problem we had to restart the server, and now the both CPU and RAM are pretty smooth, and now I can’t tell if it was due to this fix or the restart.

Yes, it could cause CPU problems depending on the number of clients.

You have to be careful with the runScript expression because it’s easy to abuse it like this and cause problems.

Thanks! Yes I agree, I’m always trying to hunt them down from more older versions of the project (I think this was the last one).

Also, this is kind off unrelated (should I make a bug report about this?): When I changed the Client Maximum Memory to 2048M some users were unable to start the project because their Win10 was pointing to the 32-bit java version. I bet this kind off stuff will disappear with Ignition 8.