Get row index of Selected Tab in Tab Data of Tab Strip

on propertyChange, I want to check whether the selected tab of a tab strip is “HIDDEN” or not. In other words, I want to read the value of the cell at row of selected tab and column “HIDDEN” (in Tab Data).

I am trying to use an if statement that looks something like this:
if event.source.tabData.getValueAt(selectedTabrow,“HIDDEN”)== True:

Not sure how to get the correct row index in this case.

The task I actually want to accomplish:
I have two tab strips (independent and dependent).
Some of the tabs in the second, dependent tab strip will be hidden based on the selected tab of the first, independent tab strip.
Changing the selected tab in the first tab strip sometimes results in a situation where the selected tab in the second (dependent) tab strip is hidden and so, none of the visible tabs of second tab strip is selected…which I don’t want.

What I want:
if after changing selected tab of independent tab strip, selected tab of dependent tab strip is hidden, change selected tab of dependent tab strip to first visible/not hidden tab in the Tab Data. Hope this makes sense.

I am new to ignition, and scripting in general, and would highly appreciate any help with this.


Hmmm. Sorry you didn't get a very warm welcome from the community when you posted this. It's not terribly difficult so I assume that after almost 4 years later you figured this out, but if not reply back here and I'll be happy to help. I used to have an application where I managed three such tiers of tabs. And I'm guessing the reason you didn't get any help the first time is the wording "row index" is not normally associated with Tab Strips.