Get tag description from RSLogix


There was a post a while ago that said this is possible but I cannot figure out how.

I would like to use the description that’s already included in the PLC (in this case, the text “Energize to open, but physically opens during estop…”).

The goal is with some tag naming conventions along with Ignition for OPC or tag browsing / filtering, templates, and template repeaters I think I can have a pretty reusable I/O screen for all machines. But getting a readable description for each would be a big help.


I think what Carl meant in that post was that the Documentation attribute for our tags is now visible in the browser, as you can see.

Nothing has changed re: the availability of the description for each tag in the PLC. As far as I know that information is simply not available to us.

There’s no automatic way to do this. You’d have to parse a Logix export file, build a dictionary of Logix tag addresses and sub-addresses, and then iterate through your tag definitions adding descriptions where the OPC path matched the Logix tag address. No fun. Good luck.