Get the browser height width in perspective session

I’d like to know is it possible to get the browser height & width run-time in perspective session?

No, it’s not, although there is an open post for such a feature on the ideas forum.

Be aware that pixel dimensions of various DOM elements are used in browser fingerprinting, and browsers are actively trying to prevent that. Depending on javascript access to DOM dimensions is fraught with peril, or at least maintenance headaches.

So, could you please tell how to overlays component overlay on the map without causing it’s size scale when browser change size?

For example how did you manage to maintain the zoom in out icon on map fix all the time?

1- I set z-index of map to 0 so I can now put item on map easily.
2 - I use coordinate with percent mode so map fill all the view area and can overlay other component on it.
3- This mode cause my elements scale and which is not wanted here.
I’d like the size of them to be fix all the time like the map zoom button.