Get the params from URL

I would like to get the params passed from url , may I know how to get them? I saw a post suggested to use request['params'], however when I use ,import requests ,I got the error saying module can't be recognized . May I know how to get it ?

You'll need to provide more context. In Perspective, or in WebDev?

I am using perspective, thank you

When setting up the perspective page configuration, set the Page URL to /someurlpath/:yourparamnamehere

then when you actually navigate to the page you would use /someurlpath/paramvalue

This user manual section should be helpful. View parameters are towards the middle bottom.

Not sure about multiple parameters at the same time, might need to add & between them? That's how multiple URL parameters appear to be handled generally.

For internal navigation within perspective, you can pass a dictionary of the view parameters if you are using system.perspective.navigate(). This user manual section covers this

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